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cipher /e dreams

by westy reflector

last call home (free) 04:40
Out of time This is my last call home It’s a dream to fall back to safe spaces where you never change. Where soft delusions tell you you never have to feel any pain. Don’t lose yourself in distant seclusion. Keepers of the truth never walk alone. Out of time, I’m done with confusion. This is my last call home. It’s a dream to find easy answers on either end of a gun. Never forget what made you you and how we lived in defense of love.
love in this land (free) 03:44
A few hours west of the City line About 200 miles as the crow flies Your family farm up on that hill A place that made time stand still Where Saturday nights on the outskirts of town and ways of life were hand-me-downs Every sunrise let you know where you stand There was love in this land But time made other plans In time you’ll understand How much love was in this land Now we’re taking one last drive tonight To say one long last goodbye To the land that held your family name Thru an America getting auctioned away By a world designed with no stop just go That knows you never miss what you never know That’s counting on you to forget where you stand And all the love in this land When the radio starts playing favorite songs You can’t help (but) wonder, 'where did we go wrong?' The moms and dads pass’d away The kids flew away on the interstate The farm is now in other hands It’s up to you to still give a damn
Don't waste time on love with no return Two sides always makes a third In the end the sole unknown is the worth of words Don't waste time on love with no return I wanted that you found release I wanted you lived in peace Instead the world turned its back On everything you believe I wanted that you found release An angel let you down Tired of the work Made a break for it, slipped town No brakes no sound Left no trace no doubt Your angel let you down There are no permanent stars Nothing points us back to the start No use for home where you (always) lose who you are There are no permanent stars It's not on you, It's not on me Light’s what's blocked by what we see Things as they are (against) Things as they should be It's not on you, it's not on me 040716.1534, 041416.0822
All those years with you on the edge of a knife, so many dark days set the sun on lost nights. I hope the great beyond buries the reasons why, and you spend your life emanating light. Better a broken heart than a wasted soul. Better to walk away than to cede control. Better to be ripped apart than forever fixing holes. Better a broken heart than a wasted soul. I saw you leave; you had no fear, just calm and faith and courage beyond your years. Carry on as the wind that carries your tears, and on the other side of goodbye I’ll reappear.
distant cries of cracked-down souls trapped underground church bells at dawn ringing for ones silenced by crowds [ch.] high lonesome faraway sounds filtered through the air echoing off clouds lost frequencies explain the essence that remains high lonesome faraway sounds could be something coming up through the earth or falling from the sky warning calls to stay away no need to amplify [ch.] through a cone of confusion lateral diffusion jets descend overhead truth blown by the wind trains coming round the bend you know how these stories end [ch.]
Sing a song for life in the morning As the sunrise waltzes through leaves Let all the anger and pain And destructive refrains Dissolve into your dreams Maybe we’ll wake up It’s time we wake up Maybe we’ll wake up Wake up time The first thing you see before you open your eyes Is the truest reflection of you One day the first thing we’ll know is a sunrise so slow And a world renewed
all the dreams have been blamed all the sources have been named there’s no hiding in the shadows anymore all the ‘steins have been ‘stained all the acid has been rained there’s no overriding the code [ch] we’re on the other side of the end with no trace no chance to defend the true meaning of our being, friends on the other side of the end the simulation reset everyone’s free to forget all the ways we used to agree and the lines of least resistance destroyed by destroying all the ways water courses to the sea easy to miss when everything’s not right the signs can hide in plain sight [ch]


a soundtrack for the simulation reset

"cipher /e" is a command line code that directs a computer to encrypt a file, directory, drive, or perhaps even a universe. We're in a moment where dreams are being encrypted, the keys thrown away, and the sessions destroyed. It is a time of reset. There is something liberating, however, about time-zero. Perhaps we will each return to our true potential, where love flows uncorrupted through our hearts, and where wonder and curiosity outwit fear.

This record is an adventure in "sunny darkness," exploring the gray area of life's constant flux. I wrote most of the tracks in the final year of my dog Sterling's battle with bladder cancer, and "Angel Let Down" surveys my emotions while caring for him. "Broken Heart > Wasted Soul" is how a suicide note is seen from both sides. "Lonesome Faraway Sounds" meditates on the murders of Honduran human rights activist Berta Cáceres and Syrian programmer Bassel Khartabil, each stuck down in the name of callous political expedience. Their deaths are proof of the absurdity of faith in politicians on any end of the ideological spectrum. "Last Call Home" was written as I listened to recordings of phone calls made from inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL, as a gunman took the lives of dozens of people just out enjoying life. “The Other Side of the End," is my closet fav, just another blithe pop song about simulation theory, Alan Watts, and - depending on whether you hear the comma in the chorus - the meaning of existence or true friendship.

No matter what you hear, let your mind wander to the stars as you drive down an empty Pacific Coast Highway. The world's reset is your chance to become the enlightened, unadulterated, uncorrupted you. Take it.


released February 3, 2017

written, performed, programmed and produced by westy reflector
cover photo: "coast patrol" (2016) by dave westreich




The Reflectors New York, New York


"a cloud fitted with an iron scaffold…
in stereophonic splendor."
- disquiet

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