All The Rage

from by Westy Reflector



She spent 27 years in an inland town
And she dared herself to rage every time she stopped looking down
And then the ad in the paper said “Dreams come true!
“Just get downtown and see you know who…
“If you know how to rage, then we want you!”

She bought an audition dress at Main Floor in the Redlands mall
And she nearly died when the salesgirl said
“You know, that dress, it kinda makes you look…tall.”
And then she got up this morning and waited in the queue,
Then they said, “Sit here until we call for you.
“There’s dreamers in front, who queued up, too, to be…”

All the rage and out tonight.
All that rage in black and white
In the public eye and out of sight
To be all the rage.

Someone said, “Never mind her, just get yourself downtown.”
When her sister said “Give it up, baby, it’ll never work out.”
So now she’s in a folding chair against a fake fake wall
as the sun goes down outside a windowless hall,
and she can’t lose her shit ’cause her name’s been called…

She blew them away in that downtown room
And now we see her everywhere like a Sun God…

And her hometown paper gave her the whole home page
Now she gets a table where she used to dance a cage
And she’s never alone, now that she’s

All the rage. And out tonight.
All that rage in black and white
In the public eye and out of sight
She’s all the rage…


from Particle Theory, released November 14, 2014




The Reflectors New York, New York


"a cloud fitted with an iron scaffold…
in stereophonic splendor."
- disquiet

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